Reprogram your brain, claim your worth, reach your fullest potential.

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Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

Your very own field guide with 12 lessons…

…for transforming doubt to confidence, confusion to clarity, and fear to a deep understanding of your worth. Meaning: at the end of these 14 weeks, you’ll be leading with more power, making big decisions with ease, and loving with more freedom than ever before.

Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

Practical tools.

Awaken Her Soul is more than just heart (although, we firmly believe in following it). This program is focused on teaching the skills and tools needed to develop not only a healthy mind and spirit, but also a thriving daily life.

Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

Community support.

The women inside this community blow me away with their vulnerability. And sister, there is room for you at this table. Every member in Awaken Her Soul is seen, heard, and has her questions answered in the Facebook Sanctuary.

Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

Affordable coaching.

Less expensive than 3 months of coaching and with ALL the tools you need to begin your journey and bolster you on your path, Awaken Her Soul offers you the ability to learn, heal and grow starting today.

Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

Flexibility with lifetime access!

Because you’re a busy woman with a lot on her plate, Awaken Her Soul is the most practical way to take your awakening into your own hands (and timeline!). Take it with you on your travels to Europe. Listen during your trip to the gym. Take it at your own pace.




Reclaim your identity, your spirituality, and your femininity.


The break-down looks something like this…



Lesson 1: Let the story unravel: By becoming lovingly aware of the knots in your old programming and stories, you will detangle them, iron them out, and reshape your identity from the ground up. This is the first step towards freedom.

Lesson 2: Finding power in your story: Is your negative self-talk running the show? Reclaim your one wild and precious life with the power of mindset. Rewrite the stories of your past, start to live the beautiful story of your present, and look forward to all that’s ahead within the story of your future.

Lesson 3: Integrating your shadow: Leave perfectionism and performance-based love at the door. No more hiding emotions or rejecting pieces of yourself. No more shame. It’s time to become whole.

Lesson 4: Step into your True Essence: Time does not heal a wounded identity, but truth will. Finally fully claim the truth of who you are, allowing each area of your life to expand because of it.

+ A Purposeful “Rest Week” to help you integrate with intention.



Lesson 5: Living from your essence: With all of the responsibilities on your plate, it’s easy to fall into scarcity: not enough time, not enough rest, not enough sex, not enough money… but when living from your highest self, you’ll show up each day in ways that support you. In Lesson Five, you’ll get true, practical alignment.

Lesson 6: Becoming the co-creator: Get the loving support you need to take full, radical responsibility for how you show up in your marriage, your business, your parenting, your sex life, and even in your friendships. Responsibility never felt so freeing.

Lesson 7: Setting healthy boundaries: Feeling tired? Resentful? Like you have WAY too much on your plate? Learn how to set boundaries that allow giving to feel good instead of dreadful and hold space for your needs and desires to be important instead of overlooked.

Lesson 8: Owning your personal power: Guess what?! You don’t have to allow other people to suck you into their drama, lower you to a bummer vibration, or take your power in order to extend love their way. Take responsibility for what’s in your world… and let go of what is not, leaving you with peace like never before.

+ A Purposeful “Rest Week” to help you integrate with intention.



Lesson 9: Fully embodied, fully here: Sure, you’ve heard it before: “you’re worthy…” but have you ever actually believed it? Enough chasing and striving and seeking outside of yourself. Discover that everything you’ve been searching for already belongs to you.

Lesson 10: Full alignment + honesty: Others will teach you “their way” but the Awaken Her Soul method teaches you how to be you.Receive insights, tools, and tips to help you always come back to your personal truth and stand in your power, even when life throws you curveballs.

Lesson 11: Living with intention: By this time in the program, shame and blame are patterns of the past. It’s time to create a life that feels good, is aligned, and most of all: works for you.

Lesson 12: Living for purpose: Tap into the bigger purpose of your life, why you’re here, and what you’re here to do. You’ll launch forward from this program ready to be fully yourself and achieve your big dreams!



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Ash Johns

Personal + Spritual Development Guide, Storyteller & Strategist


Victoria Bauman

Leadership Coach + Breathwork Facilitator


Barbara Erochina

Emotional Wellness Coach


Morgan Day Cecil

Feminine Wholeness and Sexual Well-being Coach


Steph Jagger

Author and Leadership Coach


Hillary McBride

MA, PhD Cand. Registered Clinical Councillor, Author


Tracey Spender

Coach, Author, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Tanya Geiser

Leadership Coach, Imposter Complex TedX Speaker


Rachel Ricketts

Racial Justice Activist, Lawyer, Healer


Rachael Dunville

Energy Alignment Expert


L’Erin Alta

Sovereignty Mentor


Jim Lee

Splankna Practioner, Councelor



Unlike many “self-help” programs out there, I operate on the philosophy that there is nothing wrong with you, yet… everything is wrong with the programs you’re operating out of.

This program is not about fixing you, it’s about getting out of autopilot and in the true drivers seat to begin to take back your power and create a life from freedom. Awaken Her Soul is about reconnecting you to the power within, reprogramming your ineffective patterns and empowering you to take the self-responsibility that will set you free.

You hold the power to create a life with healthy habits, thriving relationships, and chase your dreams, your way, when you reconnect with the true you, beyond the programming and conditioning.





Hey, I’m Madison


10 years after deep-diving into the study of mental health and spirituality, I stand in awe of how women have the potential to create life even out of the darkest situations.

Coming from a lineage of women who had to fight against all odds (from lack of education and resources to abuse and co-dependence) to reach their full potential, my heart for mental health and spiritual thriving was born young. I sought a career in mental health because, like many strong women on a mission, I needed answers to my own pain and unworthiness.

What I didn’t know when setting out on this path of healing through a Communication & Psychology degree, the Life Coaching Certification, the countless classes and workshops and $35k + I’ve spent on my own personal growth, is that it would be a catalyst to being internationally recognized and seeing lives changed all over the world.  

I now know the significance of following the nudges of my heart and making that one small decision in the right direction. That one small step caused a ripple effect far beyond my wildest dreams.  Now, I’m here to serve, love and give everything I’ve learned to you through Awaken Her Soul.

It would be an honor to share the foundations of healing with you.



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Madison Hedlund-AHS-Offers You...

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